Patrick Lapierre

Attention to detail, pride in a job well done and the pleasure of refining the finishing touches are the key to Patrick Lapierre’s approach, and he quickly carved out a reputation as a tireless and meticulous worker. Just like the painter, the tiler plays an important role in the final phase of any building.


It took him just a few years to acquire skill and know how, learning from others, never stinting on hours or shunning a dificult job. By the time he was 23, confident of his experience and determined to succeed, he was the owner of a moderately thriving business. However, sometimes destiny intervenes to turn the world upside down. During a short break to relax in the Caribbean he literally fell in love with the island of Saint Martin. On the flight home he could think of only one thing: coming back! To the astonishment of those around him, who didn’t really believe that he was serious about moving so far away, he left his roots behind and put down new ones in the Tropics. He took with him on this great adventure his young wife Andrée-Lise, who would always be there with support and encouragement through thick and thin.