Engraved lacquered doors

LACQUERED ENGRAVED DOOR AVAILABLE IN 22 FINISHES, OPAQUE OR GLOSSY The interior door is used to define the taste of the furniture: not only functional but also a distinctive sign

Honeycomb doors

THE ANTI SCRATCH , WASHABLE AND DURABLE DOOR WITH COLOURS THAT DON'T CHANGE THROUGH TIME Simple and clean lines emphasize the modernity of the design, not just on the surface, but integrating the technology and the shape of the handle. The wide choice of finishes available make each door a unique piece.

Classic Blackwood Doors

CLASSIC DOOR WITH STRATIFIED WOODEN FRAME COVERED IN LAMINATE, WASHABLE AND ANTI SCRATCH, THE COLOUR DOESN'T CHANGE. The classic look enhances the traditional style, without losing a sight on the contemporary design

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